Meet the Faces Behind Our Vision

Within The Global STEM Nexus, our team reflects a mosaic of international backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities. Despite geographical constraints and time zone differences, we've leveraged this rich diversity to fuel innovation, foster collaboration, and nurture a forward-thinking future. Through cross-cultural exchange and collective expertise, we've surmounted obstacles to create a unified vision for advancing STEM education worldwide. Together, we're breaking barriers, bridging divides, and shaping a brighter tomorrow.

Dear Friends,

As I sit down to pen this letter, I'm filled with a whirlwind of emotions and memories. You see, my journey to founding The Global STEM Nexus has been anything but conventional. Growing up, I found myself constantly shifting homes, never truly finding a sense of stability or rootedness. It was a lonely path, one filled with uncertainty and longing for connection.

But amidst the chaos, there was one constant in my life: science. Like me, it was ever-changing, evolving, and endlessly turbulent. Yet, it offered a sense of solace, a refuge from the storm. However, as I delved deeper into the world of research, I realized that it alone couldn't fulfill the void within me.

It wasn't until I stumbled upon Model UN that I truly discovered the power of leveraging my inquisitiveness to make a tangible impact. The thrill of sharing my thoughts, exchanging ideas, and feeling heard while hearing others' voices resonated deeply with me. It was a revelation—a beacon of light in the darkness.

Growing up in a country where education often took a backseat, where everyone was forced into pre-planned tracks, I longed to break free from this cycle of routine. And so, I embarked on a journey—participating in international science fairs, conducting research, and immersing myself in the world of Model UN. It was there that I found my tribe, my spark—the people who would later become my colleagues, my collaborators, my partners in creating change.

Together, we worked tirelessly, overcoming time zone differences, technical constraints, and countless obstacles. But with each hurdle, came a sense of fulfillment, a knowing that we were building something greater than ourselves. And now, as I look back on those late-night meetings and early-morning brainstorming sessions, I can't help but smile. For it was all worth it.

Today, as I stand before you, I am humbled and honored to share my love for science, research, public speaking, and storytelling with students around the globe. The Global STEM Nexus is more than just an organization—it's a nexus of lifelong bonds, a sanctuary where nobody's voice, nobody's idea goes unheard.

As we embark on this journey together, I invite you to join us, to be a part of something greater than yourself. Together, let us shape the future of STEM, let us inspire and empower the next generation of changemakers, and let us create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

With heartfelt gratitude and unwavering hope,

Afif Chamseddine
Founder and President, The Global STEM Nexus

Afif Chamseddine

Founder and Executive Director

Sara Masri

Deputy Director

Mariana Sousa

Head of the Research and Content Development Department

Syeda Maria Hasany

Head of the Committees Department

Jefferson Lin

Co-Head of the IT Department

David Bolivar

Co-Head of the IT Department

Yuchi (Benjamin) Zhang

Head of the Logistics and Operations Department

Kavika Vasanthakumar

Head of the Public Relations and Outreach Department

Vanshika Aneja

Head of the Media and Design Department